ASSURED INSPECTION SERVICES inspectors have over a combined sixty years of building inspection experience.  Professional, State of Connecticut licensed inspectors and instructors, the ASSURED INSPECTION SERVICES inspectors are here to help explain to you, and educate you, about the home or building that you are about to purchase.  The inspectors are foremost friendly, polite, experienced, and skilled in placing their clients at ease while at the same time thoroughly explaining and evaluating every one of the home's components. 

Clients are encouraged to accompany the inspector during the inspection so that he may answer any questions that will arise.  ASSURED INSPECTION SERVICES prides itself on many years of customer satisfaction.

Typical inspections usually take approximately three hours.  This is followed up with an approximately twenty page written report that  reflects exactly the findings and discussions of the actual inspection.  The individualized report is uniquely characteristic of the home that you are buying and is not a computer generated check list  as used by many inspectors. 

ASSURED INSPECTION SERVICES inspectors are college graduates with many continuous post degree certifications in various  phases of the home inspection process.   

A list of client recommendations and referrals is available upon request.