Assured Inspection Services Inc. is committed to providing dependable and accurate home inspections throughout Connecticut.

We are the leading provider of property inspections  in the real estate mortgage industry – specializing in residential, retail, and commercial  property. No property is too small or too demanding.  We promise hard work and an ethical approach, resulting in  accurate, comprehensive inspections that you can depend on.

Quality appraisals by qualified appraisers. Contact us now to discuss your specific valuation needs.


We appraise all residential property types, from large lakeside homes, to high-rise condominiums, to single-family lots in the growing suburbs around Wallingford.

We offer a wide-range of services to support the needs of various customers, including:


Expert, unbiased testimony and consulting services.


Accurately determine the value of your estate client’s real estate property.


Help sellers list their property at a fair price to sell your properties faster.


Feel like you’re overpaying property taxes? Want to eliminate PMI from your monthly mortgage payment? We provide expert valuations in divorces and estate divisions.

Insurance Companies

Protect property portfolios for the correct amount.


Get the knowledge you need to make a great investment.